2016 Competitive Events


This year we are running 5 competitive smoking events and 2 non-smoking competitions:

Individual ticketbong
First, the oldest and most prestigious event, individual ticketbong, started in 1974.This
year the field has up to 25 entries open. To enter; Purchase your invitation, and enter into the
Individual ticketbong contest for a $$$ fee. The fee includes a 7 gram can of cannabis, a
18" glass competition Jetter bong, ticketbong tray, poker, and lighter.

Dog Gear

Open ticketbong
Second event will be "Open" ticketbong.
This event is open to ALL invitees. Simply bring your bong (any bong), 3.5 grams of cannabis,
and a loader! We will verify the weight, give you a runners number and enter you into the
open event. No additional charge to participate!

Fastest Gram
Your gram of cannabis, our bong, and a stop watch. The top three fastest individuals will
compete on stage for the fastest gram Saturday evening.

BHO earwax competition.

Team ticketbong
5 individuals smoking 1 oz out of a custom ticketbong glass Hookah. The only rules to 5
man hookah comp is, There are NO rules!

Relay ticketbong
7 member teams, each individual smoking a gram and passing the bong to the next team
member. First team to smoke 1/4oz wins!

We will also be facilitating a couple of non-smoking competitions as well.

Best ticketbong Campsite
That’s the dealio! Whoever has the best campsite this year will receive an amazing Bong-a-
Thon Prize Pack with all kinds of cool 420 friendly stuff!! We might even kick in some
complimentary nugs courtesy of our fine 420 sponsors!

Best Bong at the ticketbong Contest
What is the best bong? We don’t know? The field is wide open though! It must hold water,
bubble when you hit it, and be smoke-able. That’s the criteria! Whoever has the best Bong at
the ticketbong this year will receive an amazing ticketbong Prize Pack with all kinds of
cool 420 friendly stuff!! We might even kick in some complimentary nugs courtesy of our fine
420 sponsors! Glass, ceramic, metal, gold, weed stems, we don’t care what it’s made of as
long as it qualifies!

Dog Talk

Dog Talk


All events will have some bad ass prizes from our sponsors and trophies from some
of the very best glass artists in the nation!


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Green Day European tour To register for smoking competitions or more info call!

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